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The member of the crew whom is blockheaded and wears a specific style of clothing; usually the greasy whopp look which contains: Hair Geld and in a fine combed slick all the way back; Hawaiian shirt;leather jacket; cargo pants; work boots. Also the Poparelli will speak in his or her own made up language with wording like: get out in here; shwiggity bwutts (Ciggarettes); obsessove use of the word AIN'T; using the word delicious as an adjective to everything, ie Delicious store, Delicious shwiggity bwutts, Delisious jerry's car, etc. The Poparelli is very hard to convince and is often going to disagree for the sake of disagreeing often with no point at all. the need to punch the Poparelli will be great, but one must refrain from striking the Poparelli for when your are in the need for a ciggarette the Poparelli will be sure to bitch and moan but still end up handing at least 6 over over the course of a night.
Poparelli gimmie a smoke! "awe man dems my shwiggity bwutts." Jesus Poparelli will you just listen to what im saying, "I AINT DOIN NUTTIN!" Hey Poparelli your a goomba, "I Ain't a goomba, il ltell you what tho im gettin in Delicious jerry's car and goin to the Delisious store to get some Delicious Shwiggity Bwutts"
by StevofrmLDN April 09, 2006
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