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A developer of so-called "casual" video games, mostly for PC and mobile devices. Due to the simplicity and addictive nature of this company's games, PopCap is likely the number one hindrance to American productivity as well as the reason we're all so fucking fat. See also Bejeweled, Insaniquarium, and Peggle.
I just realized I've been playing Peggle, a fine product od PopCap Games, for 5 fucking hours, and have yet to go outside or do any work today. I am also fat.
by agwellin February 11, 2008
A type of spot that is hard on the outside, but when you squeeze it it makes a cracking noise and a bit of cheesy shit comes out.
I had this shitty popcap on my head man!
by DRAC250 May 25, 2009
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