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5 definitions by agwellin

An expletive phrase that every angry reviewer of bad video games is required to use by law. Failure to do so results in a fine and up to 3 years in a federal prison.

See also: fuckballs, fuckin' sucks, suckin' fucks, sucks monkey fuck.
-Angry Video Game Nerd

-Irate Gamer, the fucking poser that he is
by agwellin December 09, 2007
305 63
Something that makes white people appear less racist.
People know I'm not a racist when Tyree is next to me! He's my black friend.
by agwellin February 13, 2008
98 17
Cum, usually in trace amounts, that has dried into flakes resembling those of dandruff, except perhaps a little yellower and definitely smellier.
I had a hard time wiping my jizz out of my pubes and chest hair, and 15 minutes later I noticed I was covered in cum flakes.
by agwellin February 01, 2008
35 9
A developer of so-called "casual" video games, mostly for PC and mobile devices. Due to the simplicity and addictive nature of this company's games, PopCap is likely the number one hindrance to American productivity as well as the reason we're all so fucking fat. See also Bejeweled, Insaniquarium, and Peggle.
I just realized I've been playing Peggle, a fine product od PopCap Games, for 5 fucking hours, and have yet to go outside or do any work today. I am also fat.
by agwellin February 11, 2008
11 1
It's kind of like a period, except for idiots.
wow dood ur amv is kikkass XD
by agwellin October 23, 2007
67 59