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The act of blocking someone's hand or being blocked when trying to share a tub of popcorn.
Baby, stop pop-blocking me or I'm gonna watch "The Big Bang Theory" in the other room!

If you don't pop-block Andy, he will eat all the popcorn during Shrek 3-D!
by The B-Rex June 28, 2010
When drinking pop in a glass with ice, a pop block occurs when the ice lodges itself between the pop and your mouth, denying the pop entrance into your mouth.
I was very thirsty, but I was pop blocked and could not get any pop into my mouth.
by PottyTooHotty May 17, 2010
The inability to pop one's ears when traveling through various altitudes. Similar to Sneeze Tease.
Man, my ears have a Pop Block.
by bototheho March 11, 2008

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