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a chambered pipe used to smoke weed with.

an indent is made in the can, and then holes poked in the indent....

another is poked on the side and covered/uncovered to be used as a carb/shotty/rush

the hithole is the drinking hole... remove the tab and then smoke

this is a fairly desprate method and its healthiness questionable... hits better than an apple.. but worse for u
we were at a party the other night... i was too drunk to roll a blunt and no apples were around... plus we didnt have a citysmoker420 or a mcguyver smoker...

so we used a pop can
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
When you have a dick shaped like a pop can.
Now all that long, but mega-diameter in size.
I uesd my pop can on that chick last night.
by dtznuff July 05, 2006
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