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origiinating in the middle east. came over to america and are popping up all over NYC. Miami LA and cali... very hip and popular where people aged 14-28 go to drink and smoke shisha. normally good high...

a very relaxed smoking enviorment and is very good
So what are you guys doing in the city?

oh we'll probly hit up that hookah bar on 1st
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
A hotboxed gondola on a ski mountain

skiers and snowboarders climb in and shut all doors and windows and smoke blunts and joints untill the whole chamber is filled with smoke.
dude we rode the Ganjala. and we had a blast... haha too bad i fell like a million times
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
a chambered pipe used to smoke weed with.

an indent is made in the can, and then holes poked in the indent....

another is poked on the side and covered/uncovered to be used as a carb/shotty/rush

the hithole is the drinking hole... remove the tab and then smoke

this is a fairly desprate method and its healthiness questionable... hits better than an apple.. but worse for u
we were at a party the other night... i was too drunk to roll a blunt and no apples were around... plus we didnt have a citysmoker420 or a mcguyver smoker...

so we used a pop can
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
Going Snowboarding High/stoned...

can be done blatantly (smoking a blunt in front of the lodge)

stealthily: smoking a joint on the chairlift

or AwesomALY: Hotboxing the "ganjala" Gondala
dude i went stoneboarding with sarles and austin and i felt like i was flying
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
a rapper signed by the label "suburban Noize" records. the same label that has Kotton Mouth Kings
Yo bro. u down with Saint Dog?

not as much as the Kottonmouth Kings
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
when the driver and the passanger stop the car and run around and switch seats before the light changes
i was 10 and driving with my dad. we saw a cop so we stopped at the light and pulled a chinease fire drill
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009
a young female aged 11-21 that dresses primarilly in name brands such as abercrombie, american eagle and other preppy 60$ thong companies. they wear victorias secret. dont like to get their hair wet in the pool. and are named names like "Summer" "stephanie" and "nicole"
JD: hey steph u like my new shirt.

Steph: ew. what is that? urban outifitters. Gross

JD: steph ur such an aberwhore
by citysmoker420 January 16, 2009

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