poot:the women's vagina. slap: a hard smack. poot slap:to smack a women's vagina
dude did you see me poot slap that chick?
by zacH Nowicki January 05, 2006
Top Definition
The rap song that strong bad is fond of.
Poot slap, poot slap, dong wit dat dong.
by Zach G. November 26, 2003
The noise made during enthusiastic intercourse.
My lady and I had some serious poot slap going on.
by Dookie J January 09, 2004
To slap one's opponent such that an audible "poot" sound is emitted. This sound is formed by a puckering of the lips, a slight intonation from the vocal chords, and an exhaling of air. See McPeek.
See that foo! He got poot slapped! "POOT! McPeek!"
by McPeek December 09, 2003
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