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the hottest girl...!
full of confidence,intelligent,zealous,funny and someone you want to be around always...
chocolate coloured skin, silky wavy hair, curvy body, gorgeous eyes, dimpled smile...purely angelic...someone you want to hold on forever...
beautiful,full of life, there's never a dull moment around her...
she's such a poornima! I wish i was could be like her!
by starrrrlicious April 22, 2009
Annoying girl with a bitchy, arrogant attitude. Untrustworthy, rude, unfriendly, mean, and throws herself at guys. Avoid anyone with this name.
"Why the fuck did that Indian cunt throw herself at my boyfriend last night?"
"I don't know, she must be a Poornima."
by Anonymous1234567891 December 13, 2012
Meaning 'Full Moon' in Sanskrit. Indian name...This name kept to girls who are born on a full moon day.
Poornima is a great girl.
by Powerup December 22, 2006
Girl that used to live in Slowcala and then moved to Boca.
I miss you Poornima! Come back to Slowcala!
by Agra March 31, 2004

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