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Poorfag or Poorfag-chan is a character inspired by the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

On January 28th, in a discussion topic on 4chan’s website about the fourth episode of the series, one anonymous user noticed that during a clip showing Madoka’s class, everyone in the classroom had laptop computers except for one girl.

The first reply to this post was, “Fucking poorfag writing on paper.” Which led to a huge discussion of the character and thus Poorfag-chan was born. The same day, her macro was created. Despite her being a character seen only in the background of a few episodes and frequently being left out of artbooks, Poorfag-chan gained her own popularity as a character.

There’s a lot of various theories, stories, comics, and fanworks crafted around Poorfag-chan. She is generally depicted as an innocent character who makes the best of her circumstances. A lot of Poorfag-chan threads also depict her as an orphan with her often telling stories to her mother in heaven. Another popular claim is that she lives in a cardboard box and were she to become a Puella Magi and later on a witch, her outfit would consist mostly of garbage.

Though this was originally a trend that started on 4chan, it also gained the attention of Japanese fans who call her call her 貧乏ちゃん (binbō-chan, translated as poor-chan).
Poorfags gonna poor.
by 貧乏ちゃん December 05, 2011
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