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The following qualify as a poopsniff: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, muslims, faggots.
by kreebus March 15, 2007
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To indicate falsehoods.
Originiated from detecting (smelling) lies (crap) from a distance.
Cletus "My momma says movin' back home!"
Ralph "Sounds like poop sniff."
by Serious Dan April 25, 2008
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*Fart on a crap
*When some takes a crap and you sniff it
When someone poops and then you sniff
by Matt F March 18, 2004
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when some poops and you sniff it I guess
Rod: hey look that guy just took a shit
Andy: o lemme go pull a poopsniff be right back.
by Roddy Garrison April 13, 2004
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