The scent left in a bathroom after an act of deification.
I do believe that gent's poo-pourri has a hint of hazelnut.
by Pseudo Wordsmith August 04, 2009
Top Definition
Poopourri is the residue left on a toilet seat after someone has taken a bad and messy shit. Generally so bad that it requires you to seek another toilet to utilize.
Damn, who the hell keeps leaving the poopourri all over the shitter? I'm tired of having to run upstairs because our crapper is so fucked up!
by Big Ed Moustapha June 22, 2009
n. any fragrant aerosol spray used to provide cover for offensive odors emanating from one's own ass or another.
Roomate walks by the bathroom and yells at the door:

Dude! how about spraying some of that poopourri up in there?? Dayyumm!
by Contrl12 February 22, 2009
The smell after a shit and after you've sprayed air freshener but now just smell fancy shit.
I had to crap at my girlfriends house and tried to cover up the smell with Febreze but it just ended up smelling like poopourri.
by wait4eaos June 22, 2009
When two people sitting in adjacent bathroom stalls take a shit concurrently, creating a mixture of shitty odors. Can be accented with the addition of ineffective bathroom spray, which enhances the aroma with the slight smell of flowers.
What the hell did we eat? We just made a poopourri! Hurry, spray some air freshener and light a match!
by Velliemay August 03, 2012
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