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A man or woman who partake in the undesireable act of selling fecal matter
Jack and Jill went up the hill and bought some fecal matter from a Poopmonger
by the monger man April 09, 2009
a monger of poop. one who takes a freshly droped deuce and fins multiple uses for it 1.) to stick it under your finger nails so it wont come out and u smell like ass, and make toehr people smell whne u hand shake them 2.) to take the steamin log and attempt to ballance it on your nose like a seal, then melting it over your face, and pouring the boiling shit into your dick, or mothers ashole.
oh damn elias lyonns is such a poop monger. he just took his sisters hand and shuved it into his asshole, so far that it came outa his 2 inch dick. and the hand grabbed his balls, ripped them off, and pulled them through his dick and ass, and then elias ate them, then they came outa his ass again.
by Dan Mvant. June 25, 2003
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