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1. Area of one's lawn where the dog typically goes to the bathroom.

Unless you are vigilant about poop pick-up, this region quickly becomes hazardous to traverse and should be avoided at all costs as the likelihood of making it out of poopland with clean shoes is very slim.

2. Any area that, for whatever reason, has become a minefield of fecal matter. (Typically in a yard or park.)
The game of catch was going fine until Tommy threw the ball into poopland. During retrieval, he stepped in a fresh dog turd.
by CrescentEdge August 24, 2008
1 - Fro's house
2 - Term used to descripe the horriblest, most vile place possible, that is covered in poop, and not just dog poop, but human poop too
"What did you do last night?"
"Went to poopland and got drunk again."
by boshi January 27, 2005

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