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Verb 1: to deal out the nastiest of all pwnage
Verb 2: to rage, engage in mayhem
Verb 3: to engage in sexual activity with a fine lady

May also be used as a statement pointing out or asserting approval of an attractive member of the opposite sex (i.e., I'd totally poop in her butt)

Other forms include but are not limited to: pooping in and around the butt area, pooping so much around the butt area that poop would have to go into the butt due simply to sheer poop volume, pooping all over one's butt, and pooping in one's butt hard (as in, giving it all you've got)
Verb 1: That's my second chopper-gunner, I'm pooping in butts
Verb 2: Dude, we were fucking poopin' in butts last night
Verb 3: I pooped in her butt last night
by SirBroDude January 19, 2010
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