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A hardkore thrash metal awesome black death cool metal band that kicks major ass.
Man, I saw Poopfist live in concert yesterday, and it blew my fucking MIND!
by Jameson McTaggert December 28, 2008
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When you poop and forget to use toilet paper but continue through and use your hand without realizing you forgot toilet paper. Then you punch someone with the fist of the hand you used to wipe.
Pam punched Dale with a poopfist after a large bowel movement.
by Poopfist Mark January 07, 2014
A derogatory the Finnish pop metal band Lordi, usually used by fans of the shock rock band GWAR.
Those faggots poopfist are headlining Ozzfest this year.
by The Rusted Ape January 28, 2008

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