When a opportunity to get pooped on occurs.
Dan was happy because during the gay pride festival he came upon a poopertunity.
by North Beach J June 27, 2010
Top Definition
The opportunity to take a dump, likely mentioned when it is supposed to be rare during an extended timeframe.
"Dude, you must take this poopertunity, we're going to be on the road for 8 hours straight without stopping!"
by Mad Brahmin Disease April 26, 2006
The chance to poop as loud as you want. It can refer to the moment when you are finally alone in a public restroom. It can also be used to refer to happening upon an outhouse on a hiking trip or a gas station on a road trip.
When my boss flushed the toilet in the stall next to me, I knew it was my only window of poopertunity.
by Sierra Needle January 30, 2008
The opportunity to poop at work
Hey man, I have a great poopertunity while the boss is gone, I'll be back in an hour.
by Oldschooljoey June 22, 2012
Poopertunity refers to the opportunity to expel unwanted excrement matter from your rectal sphincter.

Please see the example below.
Jeffrey: "I had a perfect poopertunity yesterday but I missed it because the postman was knocking on my door."
Bonswala: "Yeah, sounds like you really missed the opportunity to expel your unwanted excrement from your rectal sphincter bro."
Jeffrey: "I truly did."
by Captain Paraguay December 02, 2013
1. N. An opportunity presented, but not really a particularly good one; Better than nothing, but barely.

2. N. A portmanteau of Poop and opportunity.

From the Peruvian/Belgian: Poop.
After my grandmother died, I had the poopertunity to use that funeral parlor Groupon I bought.
by LEEEO May 13, 2011
When the opportunity presents itself to take that poo that you've been waiting for. When you're so excited to get this poop out and your bowels free!
Excuse me friends I have a poopertunity I can't pass up!
by JamieDonBoss April 11, 2016
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