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Using facebook on your laptop or cellular phone while you take a poop
I sat on the toilet the other day and did some poopbooking.
by johnpraterrrr October 18, 2009
To check Facebook on ones laptop or mobile device during the process of defecation. May result in abruptly ended facebook chats when defecation is complete.
"Poopbooking her boyfriend, the girl poked him before logging off to wipe"

"I felt a bowel movement coming on, so I grabbed my laptop and headed to the bathroom for a poopbook session"
by xxxxxxAustinxxxxxx March 10, 2011
The act of facebooking while taking a poop.
While he was poop-booking, he accidentally got some turd on his laptop.
by scodata March 05, 2008
aka. Facecrapping- the act of checking your Facebook while you are using the bathroom
I nearly dropped a premature deuce when I saw what she posted while I was poopbooking.

Dude 1: Come on man, you've been in there forever! What are you doing?

Dude 2: Leave me alone! I'm Facecrapping!
by pseudonym1111* October 04, 2010
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