Poopage is an event that takes place in an athletic or gaming situation. Poopage occurs when the skilled player/athlete "poops on" the opponent, usually in a manner that the "victim" didn't really have a chance. In Gaming it usually is something like a head shot or a juke move in a sports game. In Sports, poopage would describe a teabagging slam dunk or a nasty stiff arm or juke move.
1.) Me: Hey man watch this replay I do a sickass no-scope, after a pretty nice double kill.
(after we get to that part of the Halo 3 replay.)
Xbox Live Friend: HAHA omg that was insane poopage... you pooped all over that kid! (continued to watch rewind reangle the camera replay it until we were finally done laughing about it).

2.) Holy Crap did you see L.T. shake and bake that guy? That was total poopage! (continued to rewind on DVR and replay it in slowmo etc. etc.)
by Crimson X1I1 October 08, 2007
Top Definition
A condition involving the backing up of the feces, results in uncontrollable and heavy farting.
Tamara Brownroots: Katie, would you please stop farting!

Katie: Sorry I have poopage!
by Side Pony Sally December 19, 2010
Like shit but sounds a lot nicer.
Poopage, my wireless connection just dropped again.
by dodozhang21 December 30, 2005
the act of having bowel movements multiple times in one day, or having one very heavy volume bowel movement, often the result of eating mexican food the night before, or enjoying several ripe apricots. poopage often requires a brief rest afterwards, in order to regain one's composure and dignity.
I should not have consumed so many tortilla chips last night - this morning's bout of poopage made me late for work!
by Jet Brooks June 13, 2013
What you get when you heavily edit a video and then post it on YouTube; the content of a YouTube Poop.
That was some funny poopage, man!
by sillymonkey829 May 07, 2011
Something that isn't good.
I was writing a song, but it turned into poopage.
by Linz August 14, 2004
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