An event that usually takes place during school, a group of friends, all feeling the need to evacuate their bowels, will communicate a time and bathroom for when they will all leave their class, meet at the bathroom, and poop together. Usually a bro moment.
Guy 1: Hey, 1st floor bathroom, art wing, 1:15, poop social?
Guy 2: Yeah man Ill be there
Guy 3: Thats a def, had taco bell for lunch
Guy 4: Chili last night was a bad choice, count me in
by halfrican94 February 08, 2011
The act of gathering a group of friends, heading to a bathroom with multiple stalls, and pooping together. Conversations will take place most of the time.
Friend 1: Oh god, this Taco Bell's gonna run right through me
Friend 2: Hit me later for a poop social man
by halfrican594 February 02, 2011

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