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When you're banging a girl in the butthole, and your penis eats the poop in the girl's anal cavity. Then you pull out and pee a poop in a thin line, and you proceed to snort it like cocaine. The girl then puts her vagina into your nose and it eats the poop you just snorted, and then the cycle repeats until all the poop is used up.
I've had a crazy headache ever since I decided to poopsnort with Natalie Portman.
by WhiteRaper July 07, 2014
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The sexual act fisting your partner's anus while entering 2 fingers (preferrably the index and middle fingers) into their nasal cavities.
"I prefer the Poop Snort over the Dirty Sanchez."
by Brittany Snowfeather October 26, 2007

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