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(n.) A little-known-of shank made from a dried-out, hardened, and sharpened piece of human feces usually used in prison as a means of defense or attack.
1. Yo, I heard TK got out of da clink early because some dude stuck 'em in the leg wit a poop shank and he caught a bad staph infection.

2. - Yo, you hear about Ravo?

- Nah.

Dude was hittin' the joint late night and some dude stuck 'em wit a poop shank right when he was gettin' 4 all da way.
#shank #poop #prison #joint #stab #murda
by Robadelli January 29, 2009
The act of taking a shit in your hand, then stabbing someone in the backwith your shit, leaving them a huge brown stain, and you a crush piece of shit
yo, i just poopshanked monica
#poop #shank #ass #shit #hand
by poopshank December 10, 2007
noun: bullshit; said in diebelief or anger
a teacher tells you: you failed 3rd grade
your answer:That's POOPSHANK!
by mic e j January 01, 2004
A weapon used to give someone a really nasty infection. Such as a Tooth Brush Fashioned into a prison shank then dipped into poop. The Toothbrush itself is fairly non lethal but the infection from the Poopshank will be deadly.
"Woman if you don't shut your mouth im gunna stab you with a Poopshank"
#poop shank #poop-shank #poopshank #poop #shank #knife #infection
by killshot a.k.a. yaya February 08, 2010
The Penis when used for for penetrative sex either anally or immediately after anal sex
Yeah man that chick was all about the poop shank, I mean some times I gotta beg just to get some straight up and down pussy
#shit dick #ass to mouth #corn bone #stool pusher #brown pounder
by 3mta3 December 05, 2014
Old English slang word for a disrespected leader, whose legs are metaphorically covered in poop up to the knees.
King Edward led his men to battle, alas, Poopshanks poor planning sent them all to their death.
#poopshank #jerk #asshole #dumbass #loser
by Wackysoba September 01, 2009
|poōp shangk| (n.) A shank that has been submerged in feces so that when victim is shanked, an infection ensues.
The prisoner contracted Hepatitis C from a poop shank.
#shank #poop #prison #knife #weapon
by T_and_A June 28, 2010
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