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A "Poop Partner" is a term representative of the union between two or more people involved in "Poop Tube"(ing). A Poop Partner is the person on either the giving or receiving end of the poop-tube, which can be used to transfer feces from one anus to the next.

It is said that the fecal matter can travel for weeks at a time from Poop Partner to Partner before it breaks down any further. The affect that poop-tubing has on the feces themselves is not unlike what they would face under long-term constipation, but leaving the temporary harbinger's rectum unscathed. Although it should be advised not to harbor the feces for any longer than three hours.
::Spoken over the phone to a friend::

"Yo Andre, I just left Rodney's house and I need a Poop Partner." "Look dude, he busted out this new poop-tube and pinched me off a sweet dump." "Like big time bro, you gotta let me come over RIGHT NOW so we can keep this going."

"Rodney said this shit's been going for like 12 days."
by Anarneemus March 16, 2012
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