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A chunky nut shaped thing that is found in human shit
Brendon meads shit from kurralpa
by rolly May 22, 2003
8 4
1.The chunks of nuts in your turd.
2.A weak swear word.
1.eww... that dogs full of poonuts
2. Poonuts i failed the test
by Anonymous November 11, 2002
13 5
When a persons testicles have caca on them. More predominant in babies buys.
Jeremy has major poo nuts, do you mind changing his diaper?
by Francois M August 27, 2008
5 3
The result of a man wiping his ass from the front getting stains of his own shit on his gooch. A preferably female way of wiping ass done by a male.
Mark thought it would be funny to get poonuts after he wiped his ass from the front.
by J. Kang July 10, 2008
0 1
shit that gets caught in your ass hairs
scott smith of woombye sunshine coast Australia
by Rolly April 03, 2003
6 7
a humourus insult to call close friends and loved ones- a term of endearment. Similar to "spaz"

Can also be used to refer to someone who is homosexual (male)
Hey poonuts what are you up too?

He's a poo-nuts
by aussie1 August 18, 2007
1 3
It's the balls of shit that form on the hairs on you ass.
While walking through the apartment naked, a marble sized poo nut fell from my ass and on to the floor
by Cuppthx1138 August 01, 2003
8 12