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Poonjab-to punch one's vagina

Poonexican-when you look at your and you see a stach

Poonboom-when your too far away for a poonjab you throw a bomb.

Poonbruise-when you look at your vagina and you see black and blue

Poonjew-when you lookat your vagina and you see a litte hat

Poonnazi-when you look at your vagina and your peubs are in the form of a swatzika.

Poonslice-when you judo chop a vagina

Poonedo-when your underwater and you see a vagina you throw a torpedo at it.
when any of the following words in poonictionary got to do with you, your vagina is in need of some good hearty dick.
by Poonmatt May 01, 2007
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