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Self-proclaimed and anointed anonymous enforcer of unpopular/racist laws. Usually associated with low self-esteem, bed-wetting and chronic masturbation.
Word on the street is some new PoonBoy's making waves.
by Snorpdawg April 10, 2011

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A young man who neglects his aquatic maintenance responsibilities, but never fails to satisfy the most intimate needs of his female employer.
Madame Victoria immensely enjoyed the hard work of her eager poonboy.
by SinesOnATangent November 09, 2004
A young man who weilds a large harpoon designed to spear tuna.
That seasoned poonboy has captured his fair-share of tuna.
by SinesOnATangent November 09, 2004
A complete pussy and weak ass guy
Justin is being a little poon boy and won't drink anything tonight.
by JamaicanPancake July 21, 2013