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A magical spot to drink beer with the homies, smoke copious amounts weed, and of course pack fat lippers. Also known as the sanctuary. Its next to a pool. No zombies allowed.
Guy 1: What do you want to do tonight?

Guy 2: Dude, are you kidding? Let's get crossfaded at the poolhouse until we can't see straight and then play N64 smash bros.

Guy 1: Aight, sweet. I was hoping you would say that!
by Pikachu>Samus! February 23, 2010
A chill spot that consists of food, laptops, guitars, and marijuana. Also happens to be by the pool.
Guy 1: Dude we should go somewhere cool tonight.
Guy 2: Fuck it, we'll chill in the poolhouse
by blacklight141 October 15, 2009

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