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1. (v) the act of slapping in the card game, 'Egyptian Ratscrew'
2. A word of frustration to be shouted at any convenient moment
3. (v) an act of self-applied pleasure
4. (v) dog-napping
1. Hah! I poodlesnatched those cards from all of you!

2. Poodlesnatch! I just bit my lip!

3. Last night I poodlesnatched myself and it was amazing.

4. I'm so sad. My dog, Fluffy, was poodlesnatched yesterday!
#poodle #snatch #slap #masturbate #shit #damn
by WhosJake March 26, 2009
Made up of the two words poodle & snatch.

Defined as female genitalia, vulva, vagina, wagina, poon, cooter, etc.
"Mrs. Pearson is SUCH a poodlesnatch."
#cooterface #mrs. pearson #vulva #vagina #wagina
by Jesslyn March 12, 2006
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