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A somewhat cute name for a girls vag
Hey baby, I can't wait to lick your poochichi!

Bring that poochichi over here!
by Bubba J September 18, 2007

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A poochichi is a male human's penis.
What's up poochichi?!
by Peter09Fett November 08, 2010
The Poo Chi Chi is a poodle and chihuahua mix that - when in a group with others of its kind - can form a functioning society that has laws, leaders, voting, etc. It can stand on its hind legs and speak fluently in english. It can also write. Its appearance is mainly that of a standing chihuahua, but it lacks reproductive organs as it reproduces asexually.
The Poo Chi Chi walked through the forest as if something would pop out at it at any given moment.
by Peanut Butter Love January 28, 2011