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The inch of shit that is lodged in a man's urethra after performing anal on someone.
After fucking his girlfriends ass, had to go piss out his poo worm before he could cum.
by bitchtits96 September 17, 2006
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When a male ejaculates after giving anal sex, the poo that was lodged in the urethra comes out like a worm made of poo.
After I fudgepacked stacy, I layed a pooworm right on her face!
by BigToach April 10, 2005
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poo worms worms made from poo. Origin of phrase related to the misconception that poo worms are found in oysters contaminated with PSP (Parasitic Shellfish Poisoning).
poo worms i.e. "You are a giant poo worm." i.e.- "Your face is a pooworm."
by Wally Stumplifter January 14, 2010
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