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When you walk into a toilet and are unexpectedly overwhelmed by the smell left by the previous user.
'Oh man, I just got totally poo slapped when I went into that toilet'.
#poo #smell #toilet #bog #glen twenty #diarrhea
by milesinfront October 20, 2011
Standing by a toilet, then doing a poo and slap that poo into the bowl of the toilet with a hand
Time to do a Poo Slap
#poo #toilet #poop #slap #slop #pooo
by kev2480 October 10, 2010
When you are having sex with a girl and you see it fit to poo on her chest. This is followed by giving that poo a full-handed slap to spread it efficently ovr her body.
Blimey, I gave Jenny a right old fashioned poo slap
#poo #slap #sex #shit #nutella
by BaloghGabor December 12, 2008
The sound when a massive piece of feces hits the rim of the toilet rather than the water below. Creating a slap sound.
'Explain the shit stains on the toilet'

'Sorry i was poo slapping'
#poo #slap #poo slap #shit #feces
by StayFrostii October 11, 2011
a forcefull back hand slap similar to the pimpslap, except you hand is covered in ass crack clay.
my hoe told me she wanted me to quit pimping her out to all my uncles, and neighbors, so i pooslapped the bitch, shouted "YOU BEST RECONIZE!"... she got the message
by bizz March 05, 2004
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