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The accolades or notoriety one gives when recognizing the width, length, girth, color, aromatic power, etc. of a poo. Often resulting in Poo Pride; Accolades or acknowledgements received when one has poo pride.
Wow, dude! That poo is peeling the paint off the walls. I've got to give you poo props for that one.

I got poo props yesterday because my poo was as big as a baseball bat. My poo pride was showing.
by Digital Sewage September 01, 2011
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Giving acknowledgement or congratulations to a person who generated a large-sized or stinky poop. Usually given to someone who experiences poo pride.
Wow, Ted, my eyes watered when I walked into the bathroom after you. Well done. Poo Props to you.
by jigglebelly1 August 31, 2011
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