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A well known graffiti crew from Peterborough, England who are infamous for writing 'Poo Crew' on public property. They are often assosiated with 'The Turd Team' but this is a common misconseption. You will find their handy work in places such as 'Subway' and public phone boxes.
Guy One: What's that say?
Guy Two: Poo Crew I think...
Guy One: Oh yeah, they're bad ass.
by YoullLearnWhenYoureOlder July 09, 2010
the B-team; a group of low-skilled workers to which menial work is given
I'm way too busy to be filing papers. Give it to the poo crew.
by Russellaneous June 04, 2007
To leave human excrement in public and often inappropriate places.
A: Yeah when I found out she cheated on me I poo crewed her mother's bed

B: You did what??

A: Left a slimy great turd under her sheets
by Johann von Hosenschlange November 09, 2011
The kids that think they are bad ass but are really just B-Teaming turds.
"Hey check out the Poo Crew over there.What a bunch of turds"
by stu greenwaters May 08, 2007
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