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The act of smearing honey on another's anus then licking it clean.
I was giving my girlfriend a Poo Bear when my head became wedged in her honey jar.
by A.A. Milne July 18, 2009
Euphemism for vomiting. Said for the benefit of those who have bad memories/mental images, or a general phobia of the sound/smell/sight of vomit. The idea is that you replace the ugly word with one which sounds infinitely more positive.
OMG I just had to poobear, that guy's eye just fell out.

This shit seriously makes me poobear.
by zakwar May 17, 2010
A hideous nickname for a tall lengthy man who lives in a basement.
Poo Bear, make me a sandwich and get me a beer
by Spike67 March 17, 2008