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A term of endearment; used to describe someone cooler than yourself, when you KNOW this person is cooler than yourself, you are just too egotistical to admit it.
Skater 1: yeah, man she's pretty cool
Skater 2: but she goes to some ponyass private school
Skater 1: nahh, she's chill
#aglet #oswald #allen #aaron #nemo #deryck
by IAMNOTFIVE November 16, 2009
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A female backside that resembles a young pony. Characteristics include but are not limited too: a rounded butt, firm muscular legs, a confident walk that could be categorized as a strut, and tight athletic wear. This term specifically refers to the shape and physical fitness of the female backside in question and does not only include the butt. It encompasses the entire region from the belly button to the ankles. The term also implies that one would like to 'ride' the Pony Ass.
Attractive young female power walking.
Me: Damn, look at that!
Friend: That is one hell of a Pony Ass!
#pony ass #pony #ass #ponyass #butt #delicious #big ass #horse
by Pony Ass May 05, 2014
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