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Quick status cocaine dealers. They usually have large quantities ready within the hour.
"Hey man can you get me some more of this blow?!"

"Hold on let me call the pony express. Check back in ten minutes"
by bnasssssty May 07, 2010
the act of defecating into a mailbox. a particularly difficult technique usually used as a punishment.
-Dude, Bill Six shit in his ex-girlfriend's mailbox!
-Ah, yes, the pony express!
by jhubillsixfan March 08, 2005
While having sexual relations from behind, the giver takes a tube sock, and uses it as a bridle to rein in the taker.
The best part of using the pony express technique, is it forces your gilrfriend to shut up during intercourse.
by Outlaw Avionics April 03, 2008