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Miami bass (booty bass, bass music) is a form of music known for deep, throbbing beats, hyperkinetic rhythms and, often, sexually explicit lyrics. It arose in the southern United States, centered on Miami and Orlando, and elsewhere in Florida, as well as Atlanta and Alabama. Miami bass has achieved little mainstream chart success, though it has won acceptance among US southerners and some northern hip hop listeners, a form to which it is closely related.

Musically, its roots can be found in electro. The music came into existence as part of Miami's stereo wars, when people tried to out-stereo each other, claiming that they had the loudest, most bass-heavy stereo system in their car.

The most famous Miami bass group is 2 Live Crew, known for the censorship efforts surrounding their As Nasty As They Wanna Be album. Though 2 Live Crew was based out of Miami, they actually formed in Los Angeles. Their debut single, "The Revelation" (1985, 1985 in music), was a socially aware examination of poverty and crime, and was influenced by West Coast Electro. Their first LP, 2 Live Is What We Are, established the Miami bass sound in many listeners (especially in the south), and included raunchy lyrics (such as "We Want Some Pussy").

While 2 Live Crew popularized Miami bass for many listeners, DJ Magic Mike established a significant underground following during the late 1980s. During the 1990s, Uncle Al, Get Funky Crew, 69 Boyz, 95 South and Quad City DJ's established Miami bass as a commercial and social force in the south, though northern and international success was slim.

Miami bass has had a lasting influence on other musical styles, particularly Chicago's ghetto house and Detroit's ghettotech.
2 Live Crew, DJ Magic Mike,Uncle Al, Get Funky Crew, 69 Boyz, 95 South and Quad City DJ's.
by 84boy November 18, 2004
Jam Pony Express DJs began in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 1981. It's original members are DJ Slic Vic, Diamond Dick, Hot Rod and Mr. M.B. Later members included Lock Cool Jock, Sporty "J" and Big Ace. Jam Pony's claim to fame was "regulating" on the microphone by cutting the music down and talking over the lyrics to create a new song. J.P.E. dropped an LP in 1994 on Express Records, which is affiliated with 2-4-1 Entertainment in Tampa.
"regulating" on the microphone by cutting the music down and talking over the lyrics to create a new song.
by 84boy November 17, 2004
word used by males deployed in the desert to describe a women that starts
to look better the longer you are deployed. You would not think twice in the states about her. They say the desert places tricks on you eyes like a mirage.
Dude look at the girl she is fine!!!!
Man you have been here for 6 months.
Dude, They all start looking better by the day!
by 84boy November 13, 2004
someone acting homosexual or fruity
"Go taste the rainbow you bag of skittles."
by 84boy October 10, 2004
a gay person with a jerrycurl.
this is because their hair drips
and they are fruity.
Hey yo I don't like you looking at me like that juicyfruit mathafuker
by 84boy November 13, 2004

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