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something that is juvenile, and usually pussy-esque.
man, that shit is pony! you are pony. yo mama is pony. i'm gonna slap the pony outta ya....
by rizzlefo May 14, 2003
to drug a girl, take a picture of her having sex with a pony and post it on facebook
She wanted a pony, so I gave the bitch one.
by carcinoma July 15, 2009
1. a girl who went to camp seneca lake and was a CA in the summer of 2002
2. a girl who is very hot and sexy
3. A girl who likes to flab a lot...and i mean A LOT
"Hey pony, let's hump Irv"
by Deborah November 04, 2003
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
A very uncool person; too ugly to be a geek, too stupid to be a nerd. A very gullible, irritating individual. One who dresses like and listens to Barry Manilow. Dances like a galloping pony, hence the name.
Did you see that pony with the polyester pants?
by MaryT July 20, 2005
Someone who is unpleasing to the human eye.
Also known as a minga.
Man what is up with Rob and the pony?
by HankDank April 04, 2006
a red headed boy who looks like a pirate.
my saddles ready....ridin... my pony
by business February 14, 2005