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n. the state of nirvana achieved after accomplishing multiple p'ownage.
v. the act of repeatedly p'owning someone.
adj. a word to describe one who is on a roll at one-upmanship, to the point that everybody else folds.

Sports commentator: "Number 88, how would you describe that spectacular victory?"
Number 88: "It's all ponsones, my man...all ponsones!"

The noobs decided to call it quits when the nerdy kid started ponsonesing them at Halo 2.

Nickarossi: "Just for that minor infraction, I'm gonna get ponsones on your buttocks!"
by Nickarossi August 05, 2007
A belly that sticks out past the point of one's erect penis. This is usually caused by a person's laziness, lack of exercise, or love of cheeseburgers.
Look at that dudes ponsone, he must love his cheeseburgers.
by SinaiSteve April 30, 2016
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