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The name given to someone from Pompey!

typical Pomponian words include (many pronounced with a cockneyish accent), Dinlow, Weeeeeee, Shant (drink), Turktown (pronounced taawwn) Goin Dain Town, doing my nut/bean in, Sod ya then, Yous Twos, Somefink, Taking tha pesss, i knows you doos, Ezz up Gezz, Going dain Sarfsea mateyyyy.
What's your accent? Pomponian geezzz.
by Kushdii Mushdii August 07, 2009
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A person born in Portsmouth or one who takes Portsmouth as their home city.

Any colour, any creed one love fuck the S.C.U.M up the unions!
mush, dinlo, Turk town, scum and weee(to express surprise) are common lexicon of the pomponian.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel was a pomponian.
by ox_iq July 12, 2006
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