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1. A white/ pinkish, cancer-causing, lump of skin inside of your colon that doctors remove as a treatment.

2. A racist term for white people
Rory: What's up, nigger?

Mauer: What up cracker?

Rory: Cracker doesn't even bother white people!!

Mauer: Well, if your dumb cracker-ass knew what a polyp was you would be offended, polyp!!!
by skeeterwaugh June 13, 2011
to actually jorgan(fart out the cock) while peeing out of ones cock, obviously if u partake in the feminine type its to pee while queefing.
greg:OHhhh my GOD, mmm i love the smell of the spitting pee all around my body when i polyp

jon ritchie: mmm that tastes gooooood
by Joe Benign April 28, 2005
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