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A rather ambiguous mammal that prefers living in a inclosed environment, preferably in a pocky box.
They like mating with the large nosed species of man as they like to cling onto its hook like shape, rather like an over hanging boogie.
At night its eyes become rather large and oval, and if you tilt your head 45º clockwise, her eyes will spell out 'GAY'.
On the other hand, they are generally friendly creatures, unless threatened in a pokemon battle, whereby they get extremely competitive. If a Polly looses the pokemon battle, they will chew off the Gentiles of their pokemon.
Polly's also are very attracted to ugly old perverts such as Kazune. This does not help them in life, and frankly is a waste of time.
For an example of a Polly.T, just reach into your garbage can at precisely 1:05 am with your left eye shut and a fake mole painted just above your left eyebrow, you will be sure to find one (:
by Annie Clash April 01, 2008
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