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A protocol of a pillow. Usually used to perform murderous acts of smothering.
I considered smothering Emma with my pollow, but chose to slap her instead.
by Harlene July 10, 2008
A special device developed by an Australian Special forces assassin in an attempt to find a perfect balance between brutal murder, and extreme comfort. This weapn is now employed by many underground hitmen/women across the world.
The MF-3 class 4 pollow was used for smothering, unmercilessly beating, light maiming, or use as a device to rest your head on during REM cycles.
by Icarus94 August 20, 2008
A term for a better and more comfortable 'pillow'. It is usually referred to in situations of combat, or smothering.
"I will smother you with my pollow"
by Harlequinjester July 24, 2008