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The act of giving a blow job from under the president's desk.
Did you hear president Clinton got a politowski.
by brooks December 31, 2003
man with little or no feeling in his genitals
look his "politowski" doesn't work
by the Indian Sub January 24, 2003
1. A person pretending to be a lawyer without the necessary skills.
2. A man who wears a combover apparently not knowing it is totally embarrassing to his/herself.
Mr. Politowski is acting like such a Politowski.
by Shane Rasmussen January 21, 2003
1. Someone who never knows who he's talking to
2. Someone suffering from being bipolar
3. Dog lover (perhaps in more than one sense)
4. Man who enjoys prunes or prune juice
Politowski was screaming at me while writing a pass out on the back of a dog calendar and sipping prune juice.
by Astronomical Ray/RayPol February 27, 2003
1.One who has more Liver spots then hair on his head.

2.One who makes love to little children named Matt Rasmussen.
1.It is fun to play connect the dots with a Politowski
2.Matt Rasmussen is having a quickie with a Politowski.
a person you don't personally know, but you've heard is gay
Are you saying Mr. Politowski is a politowski?
by jew doctor January 27, 2003
a polish lebowski
if a blond and a politowski jump off a cliff....which one will land first?
by dimensio January 31, 2003