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An outfit consisting of sweatpants and a zip up sweatjacket that are both the same color, most likely adidas, reebok, or nike.
See paulie walnuts/niko belic wearing a polish tuxedo
by good things 23 May 03, 2011
The act of putting on completely mismatching clothes and not caring about it in the least. A typical example would be a pair of really shiny dress shoes, white socks, track pants ( With holes), a blazer and a t shirt (Usually filthy). Usually happens on laundry day, after a night of binge drinking, or becoming homeless after forgetting to do laundry and going binge drinking then your wife kicks you out.

Also happens when guys no longer give a shit about themselves, or have completely went off the deep end.
Man 1 " Check out Borat's Polish tuxedo!"

Man 2 " Easy deluxe, we have all worn a polish tuxedo after a good night of drinking and losing our clothes."
by Professor Tunnycliff July 01, 2014