n., 1.) A person who friends a politician on FaceBook or other social networking site, only to heckle them. 2.) An offending post on a politician's FaceBook page or other social networking site which is heckling or otherwise unfriendly to the politician.

v., 1.) To heckle a politican you friended on FaceBook or other social networking site. 2.) To friend a politician for the sole purpose of heckling them. :evilgrin:
I went over to my Congressional Incumbent's FaceBook page to Pol-Troll all over it. He is truly a scumbag.

The City Commissioner didn't like it when I Pol-Trolled his FB page. But I just love being a Pol-Troll too much to stop. ;-P
by [NBK] ThunderDawg September 26, 2010

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