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People who are sexually and/or emotionally attracted to Pokemon on an intimate level. They may be straight, homo or bisexual, and also may or may not be attracted to normal animals as well.
Someone who loves their Pokemon on an intimate level. We may be Pokephiles, but you have no right to judge us.
by Treeterra August 05, 2008
Someone who likes Pokemon so much (like a pervert)
A: I like Pokemon.
B: OMFG, you Pok-e-phile!
when people have an obsession over pokemon so much that they have sex with their pokemon toys/cards/video games etc.
pretty much the most psyced biacthes ever to live on the earth
the plan to take over the world with their pokeballs and pokefanny's
ash-"i did pikachu last night"
misty-"ohmefuckinggee! im a pokephile too!"

pikachu-"ash is such a pokephile"
by maezap October 14, 2006
An adult that plays pokemon actively and even competes in tournaments. This person may even attend pokemon events.
"Dude, Nino is such a pokephile! Going all the way to NYC to play that game with children, I hope he doesnt moleste them too"
by MAXaTRILLION August 02, 2008

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