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Pokemoning (also spelled "Pokémoning") is the act of dating multiple partners (or having multiple friends) in order to collect all the desired traits that's very likely to not exist in one single individual. Named so because you "Gotta Catch 'Em All."
Person 1: "Okay. I have my Sex Idiot, my Intellectual/Sophisticated Girl, my Tomboy FWB, and my Aging Squirtle. Who else am I missing?"
Person 2: "Pokemoning, I assume?"
Person 1: "Yeah. What do you think about a Crazy Tattooed Goth Chick?"
Person 2: "Gee, how many 'Pokemons' do you have?"
Person 1: "Oh, silly. The plural of Pokemon IS 'Pokemon.'"
by M.Powell October 18, 2012
Pokémoning (also spelled "Pokemoning" without an accented e) is the act of dating multiple partners in order to collectively obtain all the desired traits that likely can't exist in a single woman or man. Named so because you "Gotta Catch 'Em All."
Woman 1: "Okay, there's my Sex Idiot, my Great Head of Hair, my Money Guy, my Dirty Hippie Hipster, my Guy To Piss Off My Parents/Black Guy, and then, there's my Old Fart."
Woman 2: "Hey, are you Pokémoning?"
Woman 1: "Yeah, but my Old Fart calls it 'Great-Escaping.' But I guess there's some advantages to having an aging Squirtle around. Like, he shows me how old people used to dance, for instance."
Woman 2: "Cool!"
by M.Powell. October 18, 2012
To be playing Pokémon
So when I was Pokemoning the other day, I caught myself a brand new Pikachu!
by Mattachu May 28, 2010

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