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The best of real life pokemon trainers. They host tournaments in their garages to find worthy opponents. 'Pokemon' they use include 'dogs' and 'chickens'
Michael Vick is a true pokemon master!
by gobrin January 20, 2010
A person in real life can wear this name with honor this is when they have seen/caught all the pokemon as they come out this will require buying any new pokemon games as they realese as well goes for the tv shows to.(this can result in a bad thing as well...seeing a virtual pet more important than other things)
#1 Rob:Dude there is Ted now, I hear he has a spikey-eared pichu

Tom:Shi7 yeh he does he's a pokemon master!!!

#2 Mom:Im leaving for work now i love you

Pokecrazii kid:Mom can you take me to gamestop for a shiney celebii event

Mom:srry i have to work hun

Pokecrazii kid: SLAP!!! *smacks mom*
by Control you gaming habits ;D July 25, 2011
1.Someone who consistantly does stupid tricks in a hopeless effort to impress people.
2.A person who has to tell you everytime he does something good.
"Hey Tony! Did you see that shot i made?" "Wow, Johnny, you're a true pokemon master there"
by Tommy Versetti February 21, 2005