1.Someone who consistantly does stupid tricks in a hopeless effort to impress people.
2.A person who has to tell you everytime he does something good.
"Hey Tony! Did you see that shot i made?" "Wow, Johnny, you're a true pokemon master there"
by Tommy Versetti February 21, 2005
Top Definition
The best of real life pokemon trainers. They host tournaments in their garages to find worthy opponents. 'Pokemon' they use include 'dogs' and 'chickens'
Michael Vick is a true pokemon master!
by gobrin January 20, 2010
A person in real life can wear this name with honor this is when they have seen/caught all the pokemon as they come out this will require buying any new pokemon games as they realese as well goes for the tv shows to.(this can result in a bad thing as well...seeing a virtual pet more important than other things)
#1 Rob:Dude there is Ted now, I hear he has a spikey-eared pichu

Tom:Shi7 yeh he does he's a pokemon master!!!

#2 Mom:Im leaving for work now i love you

Pokecrazii kid:Mom can you take me to gamestop for a shiney celebii event

Mom:srry i have to work hun

Pokecrazii kid: SLAP!!! *smacks mom*
by Control you gaming habits ;D July 25, 2011
A Pokémon Master is a ruler of All Pokémon, who has capture every Pokémon in existence and who has trained every Pokémon in existence.
Pokémon Master: I capture All Pokémon and train All Pokémon.

Dude 2: your a Pokémon Master!
by Pokemonmaster100000 July 20, 2016
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