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To become intoxicated after drinking King Cobra Premium Malt Beverage
"Jeremy, are you poisoned by the Cobra?"
by Cigman October 09, 2006
To be very hung over.
We started trading off Jager shots after Ricky showed up last night. I'm all poisoned like a son of a bitch today. I'm never drinking again!
by exitflagger April 30, 2008
1. To be intoxicated by alkaloids, carcinogens, or radioactive substances.

2. To be loved by the Queen.

3. Ultimate Assassin's very own castrator of out of control males.

4. 'The most wonderful girl in the world.'

5. 'Pure awesomeness.'
'Hey guys,
Who's up for Vegas?'
by Poisoned January 10, 2004
a p2p application for the Mac OS X operating system.
no example needed.
by Dickie Moist January 12, 2004
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